Interactions 2015 will feature over 100 sessions, with over half of them led by industry experts and NICE customers. The conference features a rich array of breakout tracks dedicated to helping you and your organization succeed in areas such as customer experience, operational efficiency and compliance.

As part of our tradition at Interactions, we are proud of this year’s intriguing and compelling keynote speakers. These speakers will share with you the vision and valuable insights for achieving success in business as well as life.
Barak Eilam, CEO, NICE: “Creating Perfect Experiences”
Miki Migdal, President, Enterprise Product Group, NICE: "Customer Engagement for the Perfect Experience"
Kelley Kurtzman, Vice President of National Sales and Service Center Operations, Verizon
Christopher Surges, SVP Investor Services & Process Solutions, U.S. Bancorp Fund Services
Dick Cheney, Vice President of The United States

Interactions 2015 will consist of many great breakout tracks led by top industry professionals, users of NICE solutions, and NICE experts who will provide you with exciting insights into how to optimize your NICE solution and improve business performance.

Transform the way in which you drive improvements in the customer experience across your enterprise. You will hear practical approaches for taking actions to improve the customer experience. Learn how organizations capture and tie together their customer’s journey across all touch-points and channels. Find out how companies are leveraging real-time, actionable insights to align their operations to drive business success.

Customer Engagement Analytics: Let Customers be your Compass
NICE Systems
Have you set up the right customer listening points within your organization? Is your organization doing enough to improve the customer experience? If the answer is NO to either of these questions, attend this session and hear from one of our Customer Experience experts on how to identify and solve these critical issues.
Extraordinary Experiences. Every Time!
American Express Travel & Lifestyle Services
Striving to provide consistent, extraordinary customer experiences with every interaction, American Express Travel & Lifestyle Services will share how they are using Interaction Analytics to identify key satisfaction drivers, deliver actionable insights and transform the business to further increase customer loyalty.
Sprint’s Journey with Voice of the Customer
An effective Voice of the Customer program will continually mature and it's important to gain an understanding of how to push the boundaries and how to evolve. Join this session where Jason Pointelin will guide you through the journey that Sprint has taken and will provide tangible advice on creating a successful VoC program.
Leverage Omni-Channel to Drive Action to Improve Customer Experience
Frost & Sullivan
We are firmly within the age of the customer and Analysts have predicted that 2015 will be another year of where customers dominate how organizations should act and in which the most important driver of business success is the Customer Experience. Technology can power changes within your Enterprise. Join this session to hear how Customer Engagement Analytics can help drive action across your company.
Closing the Gap on the Customer Experience
Alliance Data
Alliance Data utilizes multiple NICE solutions to enable the organization to better understand their customers’ experiences. Come to this session and learn how they have integrated a variety of different NICE solutions to discover actionable insights and to ensure their culture focuses on the customer and their experiences within their centers.
Improve the Operational Efficiency and Customer Experience of Your IVR Using NICE Customer Engagement Analytics
NICE Systems
Customer Engagement Analytics solutions allow you to understand and take action on the wealth of data that you have collected across your organization. Understand how NICE IVR Optimization can improve your organization’s operational efficiency along with your customer experience.NICE IVR Optimization can improve your organization’s operational efficiency – by increasing IVR containment and reducing the calls to your contact center – leading to a clear ROI in both cost reduction and improvement of the customer experience.
Roundtable: The Evolution of Customer Experience in the Age of the Customer
Alliance Data, Coca-Cola Refreshments, Frost & Sullivan, StarHub
How has customer experience evolved over the last five years of the ‘Age of the Customer’? How is it going to develop in the future? Join us for this roundtable, with industry experts and practitioners discussing how Customer Experience has evolved.
Making the Voice of the Customer the Game Changer to Drive Customer Centricity in Celcom
Celcom Axiata
Join this session to hear how Celcom have transformed their organization by using the game change of Voice of the Customer. Celcom will discuss their focus on the most critical part of their VoC program aligning the organization to the common goal of customer centricity which is changing the way their interaction experiences are managed and is providing customer wow moments.

Explore NICE’s advanced business solutions for customer interaction optimization, enabled by cutting-edge technologies such as voice print biometrics, process automation, cross-channel analytics, and real-time speech analytics. The track covers key solutions such as Cross-Channel First Contact Resolution, Next Call Prevention, Fraud Prevention and Authentication, and Handle Time Optimization.

Operationalizing Interaction Analytics Step-by-Step
NICE Systems
This session covers best practices for optimizing the impact of Interaction Analytics data within the organization. We will review use cases for initial implementation, embedding IA in the quality program, developing proactive customer retention / outreach programs, leveraging as an organizational change management tool, compliance department use, and more.
Using Interaction Analytics to Build a World Class QM Organization
Learn how Optum, a leading healthcare organization, built a world class QM program from the ground up with NICE Interaction Analytics.
From Insight to Action: eBay's Contact Reduction Initiative
ebay Marketplace
Find out how eBay uses NICE Interaction Analytics to identify the top contact drivers in their business. Using this information, they can align goals with key business stakeholders to ensure that these insights are turned into actionable business results – and driving reduced costs.
Converting Callers to Clients with NICE Interaction Analytics
Money Management International (MMI)
Money Management International (MMI) - a nonprofit organization providing confidential financial guidance, education, counseling and debt management assistance to consumers since 1958. With NICE Interaction Analytics, MMI employees are able to gain key insights from lengthy calls, leading to remarkable gains in first call resolution, and big wins in the number of clients serviced and assisted.
GIDWO…Get it Done With One…One Touch, One Time
eBay Enterprise
The focus on the consumer journey and all of the experiences and touch points place the consumer interactions and customer service teams in an increasingly important position. In this session, learn about a partnership focused on agent empowerment, desktop automation, customer choice, interaction analytics, and agent engagement training to produce enhanced consumer relationships.
Rapid Fire Interaction Analytics: 30 Ideas in 30 Minutes
PHI, American Airlines, Disney, Western Union
Get the most out of your conference attendance by capturing 3 ideas for optimizing your Interaction Analytics program in just 3 minutes. A panel of customer experts will share their ideas on ways to do it right!
Redesign Your Interaction Analytics Program to Create a Perfect Experience
Hear how Ameriprise upgraded its NICE solution and re-baselined their Interaction Analytics processes. Using analytics benchmarking against their categories, the company was able to completely redesign the way it uses Interaction Analytics to drive more effective data analysis and improve employee productivity.
Governance Planning to Streamline Your Interaction Analytics World
Learn how Ameritas was able to streamline their use of Interaction Analytics across 6 different lines of business by instituting the Governance program, resulting in regular and open dialogue, both tactfully and strategically.

Explore NICE’s advanced business solutions for customer interaction optimization, enabled by cutting-edge technologies such as voice print biometrics, desktop and robotic process automation, agent guidance for efficiency and sales, and real-time speech analytics. The track covers key solutions such as Handle Time Optimization, Real-Time Activity Monitoring, and Fraud Prevention and Authentication.

Revolutionize the Agent Experience with NICE Real-time Solutions
NICE Systems
Get a glimpse into our customers' contact center desktop environment before implementing the NICE Real-Time solutions, and after – you’ll see how desktop and process complexity can be streamlined for much greater operational efficiency. It’s like night and day!
Drive Operational Excellence with the Right Information at the Right Time
Asurion is a leading provider of value-added subscriber services for the wireless industry, with a significant subscriber share in its core handset protection business. Learn how Asurion makes the most of its customer interactions by offering a protection plan at the right moment and automating routine processes to improve the customer experience.
Improve Your Customer Experience with Real-Time Process Optimization
Blue Cross of Idaho
Blue Cross of Idaho provides its Customer Advocates with a launch screen for streamlining call starts, automating core activities, and improving consistency and depth of insight from calls. Hear about their success with process optimization in this informative session.
Every ‘Build it Yourself’ Begins with Flawless Delivery
IKEA revolutionized its front and back office operations to reduce AHT and deliver a perfect customer experience. Using end-to-end process automation, the company was able to reduce handle time on a single shipment item from 12 minutes to 6 minutes and eliminate process errors.
Forget Your Mother’s Maiden Name – Secure and Improve Customer Authentication
NICE Systems
Your customers can’t stand the current authentication process! Say goodbye to interrogation sessions at the beginning of each interaction and shave approximately 3 seconds off each call with NICE Real-Time Authentication. You will also improve your customer experience metrics.
Continuous Improvement with Real-Time Process Optimization
Grupo Contax
Learn how Grupo Contax, one of the largest BPO providers in the world, has successfully deployed a continuous improvement methodology for identifying and designing automation and guidance opportunities to impact multiple operations across Telecommunications, Finance and Utilities customers.
Automate the Mundane For Immediate Cost Reduction
In this session Capgemini will highlight how by automating processes, a UK government office was able to save millions of Pounds, and eliminate data entry errors.
Automating Routine Processes Across the Front and Back Office
NICE Systems
Many of your employee's desktop activities are mundane and clerical in nature. By automating them with NICE Robotic Automation, you save precious time, eliminate errors, and free your employees to work on high-value activities.

Transform the way you engage your employees, who play a critical role at multiple steps along the customer journey, to deliver a better customer experience at a lower cost. Find out how different organizations are using Performance Management to communicate goals and data with transparency, target coaching for specific behaviors and spur gamification.

Transform your Customer Service Culture with NICE Workforce Optimization (WFO)
NICE Systems
Engaged employees are the drivers behind perfect customer experiences. Workforce Optimization tools help your organization do just that – measure and motivate your people so that they can provide the best service from the get-go. Come learn how the cutting-edge solutions in our Workforce Optimization Suite enable a culture driven by exceptional customer interactions and performance data. And get a taste for what is coming next in the world of Workforce Optimization.
Call Center Gamification: Improving Agent Engagement with Performance Enhancing Data
Gamification has been a buzz word for the last few years, but is the investment of time, training and resources worth it? The answer is — you bet! Listen as the leader in gamification gives you the inside scoop on how to boost success with innovation.
Charting a Course to a New Destination, the American Airlines NPM Implementation
American Airlines
Learn how American Airlines implemented a new coaching philosophy and methodology
Get the Scoop on Gamification
Home Shopping Network (HSN)
HSN injected company culture with fun, and an unprecedented attention to employee engagement with tools like performance management and gamification. Gain insight into how HSN achieved business transformation in this tell-all session.
Rapid Fire QM: 30 ideas in 30 minutes
American Airlines, PayPal, SunTrust
Get the most out of your conference attendance by capturing 3 ideas for optimizing your QM program in 3 minutes. A panel of customer experts are here to share their message on ways to do it right!
Case Study: Turning the traditional QM program on its head
NICE Systems
Learn how NICE customers are revising their traditional QM programs to take an organizational level approach focusing on trends and opportunities. The NICE presenter will share the success stories of a few different NICE customers in one session.
Driving a Successful Performance Management Program
CSAA, Disney, Sprint, Time Warner Cable
There are lots of moving parts to a successful performance management program. Pull them all together seamlessly as you learn from two customer experts.
Transforming Your QM Program - Onboarding a Dynamic QM Program
Western Union
Developing a world-class quality management program requires equal parts of strategy, attention to detail and flexibility. Peek into Western Union’s process of deploying a unified quality and recording platform, and how it drives cross-location alignment and in-call scoring with corporate goals.

Learn new ways to help you improve your skills - more automation, forecasting precision, and collaboration. We’ll dig into the enabling technologies, supported with customer success stories at every step. Expert users will walk you through their processes and best practices. Join us and uncover ways to amplify your workforce management program.

Creating Perfect Experiences Through Employee Engagement – WFM Roadmap
NICE Systems
You asked - we listened. Attend this session for a walkthrough of the new features delivered in NICE IEX Workforce Management 6.4 and 6.5 - many that were on the "top 1" list from the NUG Ideas Forum. Join this session to see strategic investments in long-term and back office planning, schedule policies, change management tools, Time Off Manager features, and infrastructure upgrades. We’ll wrap up the fast-paced review with a look at what’s coming in 215 via release 6.6.
From Optimization to Engagement with Version 6.x
PSEG Long Island, AAA Oregon/Idaho
NICE WFM IEX 6.x is the industry’s most comprehensive and precise scheduling system. If you’re interested in cutting-edge technologies in our workforce system tune to hear our experts speak.
WFM Goes Mobile with Employee Engagement Manager
NICE Systems
Apps, texts and emails, oh my! With WFM’s leap to mobile technology, organizations can engage busy managers and employees by letting them take full ownership of their schedules.
Unlock the Secrets to Efficient Scheduling
L.L.Bean, Inc., Allconnect
AllConnect & LLBean will teach you how moving to a flex schedule environment can take your organization to the next level of optimization. Allconnect will discuss how they no longer spend more time VTO’ing and requesting OT than creating the schedules. LLBean will walk you through scheduling in an extremely dynamic environment and how they conquer customer and employee demands on a weekly basis. Attend this session to learn how to set your organization free from the cost of fixed schedules.
Innovation in WFM: To the cloud and beyond
NICE Systems
WFM is breaking ground on new frontiers. Learn how WFM is engaging employees through new alerting technology, cloud deployment and advanced features that expand WFM into managing across multiple channels.
Best Practices in Workforce Management
RDI Marketing, VMC, The Auto Club Group
Bring your most pressing questions and come prepared to learn from seasoned workforce management veterans as they share their secrets to success.
WFM Forecasting
It's time to discuss forecasting techniques in complex environments. Be prepared to share your thoughts and ideas in an interactive discussion designed to help novice and expert forecasters alike improve forecast processes and accuracy.
Empower Front Line Employees
SunTrust, Convergys
Put schedule changes in the hands of the front line: Employees and Supervisors. This practical panel discussion will help generate new and better ways to empower employees and inspire accountability. Learn how you can free your team from manually approving requests, capture more insight into employee wants, and focus on higher value action.

Learn how the NICE solutions you are currently using or evaluating can be leveraged across the entire enterprise. Extending the NICE platform to the back office, branch or retail environment provides improved operational efficiencies, consistent compliance adherence throughout the enterprise, and an integrated customer journey.

Uncover Hidden Opportunities in the Back Office to Continuously Create the Perfect Experience
NICE Systems
We will bring to light ways to capture, understand, analyze and optimize back office operations, which in turn will drive operational efficiencies while simultaneously improving customer service, and directly effecting future revenue opportunities.
How Real-Time Activity Monitoring Improves Productive time and Throughput at Aetna Back Office
Aetna, one of the leading US health insurance providers, was looking for opportunities to improve productivity and efficiency. Ensuring optimal productivity and utilization throughout the day was a challenge. Hear how NICE’s Real-Time Activity Monitoring helped Aetna to increase productivity and improve throughput by finding opportunities to address common efficiency issues.
Kill Boring Work: Robotic Automation
Hear how IKEA is using Robotic Automation to eliminate back office errors and handle all the mundane work.
Improved Productivity Through Insights from Desktop Analytics
Optum was looking for opportunities to improve productivity and efficiency. Much of their work is transactional and labor intensive. Ensuring optimal productivity and utilization throughout the day was a challenge. In the dynamic health care industry, reducing the cost of doing business is not optional - it is imperative. Optum implemented Real Time Activity Monitoring and realized they could increase productivity and improve throughput by finding opportunities to address common efficiency issues
Collecting Taxes with a Robot
Learn from Capgemini who implemented Robotic Automation at a UK government office how Robots can save the UK Millions of Pounds and reduce errors.
Taking Workforce Management to the Back Office
NICE Systems
Here is your chance to experience first-hand the NICE Workforce Management solutions for Back Office. Take advantage of this interactive session and get a chance to see the solutions in action.
Combining Real Time Activity Monitoring with Real Time Optimization
Combine Desktop Activity Monitoring and Real-Time Guidance for better performance in Asurion Front and Back Office
How to Prioritize, Distribute and Manage Work in the Back Office
NICE Systems
Learn how the NICE Work Manager can help you capture activity from multiple sources, automate the prioritization and distribution of work, guide workers and monitor work progress. These capabilities allow you to proactively manage work across the organization, ensuring that work is not only routed to the right resource at the right time, but also processed consistently and efficiently so that service levels are upheld and regulatory requirements are met.

This track will focus on helping you improve your understanding of the core functionalities and values of NICE’s new recording infrastructure, with real time streaming, advanced high availability, extremely low TCO and tools that will simplify your system management. We will also discuss technologies and use cases of recording beyond voice.

Get More With Multi Channel Recording - NICE Advanced Interaction Recorder (AIR) and Engage Platform
NICE Systems
The newly released NICE Advanced Interaction Recorder (AIR) and Engage Platform is at the cutting edge of contact center technology. This next-gen platform supports recording 1% of interactions, never losing a call, while significantly reducing the total cost of ownership. Enjoy a peek into 12 ways you can benefit from this new platform.
Improve Cross Channel Customer Experiences and Drive Long Term Growth with Oracle
Oracle Communications
Communication service providers need to unify, coordinate, synchronize, and streamline activities and information flow across multiple channels. Oracle will discuss how to improve the Cross Channel Customer Experience enabling CSPs to integrate and manage their customer interactions to improve brand value, customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, and drive long term growth.
NICE Advanced Interaction Recorder (AIR): Under the Hood
NICE Systems
Get familiar with the NICE's new recording solution, which supports multi-channel recording capabilities and offers the industry's highest capacity for a single server. This session will provide you a close look into the recording platform and the value added capabilities which can be built on top of it.
Never Lose a Single Call
NICE Systems
NICE Engage is the best solution for protecting mission critical environments, starting with recording through business applications.
Our business continuity portfolio protects against failure scenarios, including component level resiliency, smart telephony integrations, cross datacenter solutions, and disaster recovery. Join us to see how this is done with only 1 click!
Compliance Recording in an Intensely Regulated Environment
NICE Systems
Compliance continues to be a “Hot Topic” for contact centers in the financial industry. We will review changes in the industry, contact center-related regulations, and the best way to comply using new capabilities in NICE Engage. We will also examine new capabilities like: FIPS140-2 support, PCI-DSS 3.0, and “Never lose a call” capability.
PowerUp to the NICE Engage Platform
NICE Systems
Ever wondered if upgrading your system can be completely transparent? This is now achievable with the newly upgraded NICE Engage Platform. The platform allows you to choose the correct path for your organization… upgrading has never been so easy. Join us and learn how to Power UPgrade your organization.
Multichannel Recording – Take Recording Beyond Voice
NICE Systems
Customer Service is rapidly changing with the emergence of new technologies and media. Video, mobile, and webRTC, are examples of media being used to gain efficiencies, improve collaboration and provide personalized service. Learn about the role, importance and benefits of such technologies for customer service in this new multi-channel world.
A Glimpse into the future of NICE Advanced Interaction Recorder (AIR) and Engage Platform
NICE Systems
Get a clear view at what's on the NICE Advanced Interaction Recorder (AIR) and Engage Platform roadmap. Discover the themes that define NICE's direction in recording and dive into the most powerful features you'll find in the upcoming releases of our core product offerings including new applications, fresh UI and cloud offering.

Motivate and drive your sales force performance, and increase the efficiency and consistency through your commission administration processes. Learn the secrets of success from best performing companies in how to engage entire sales teams and increase the confidence in and trust of commission payments.

Executive Welcome to the Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) Track
NICE Systems
NICE experts will deliver an overview of the ICM market challenges and trends, followed by ICM snapshots from sample customers. Learn best practices and challenges from your peers and share your own experience.
Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) Customer Roundtable
NICE Systems
Learn best practices and challenges from your peers and share your own experience.
How the NICE Technology is Changing the Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) Business
NICE Systems
Take a look into the underlying technology that drives the NICE Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) business – from ICM Grid computing to continuous delivery.
Sales Performance Management (SPM) Evolution
This session explores the past, present and future of the Sales Performance Management (SPM) and Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) spaces. Taking an intimate look at how the space has rapidly evolved we'll explore what’s in store for the future and how organizations should prepare for it.
From Insights to Action with Cross-Channel
IBM, NICE Systems
Learn how NICE, utilizing the most powerful technologies of Big Data analytics, can help your organization extract actionable insights to improve your customer experience, to reduce customer churn, and to ultimately increase your revenue by reducing operational costs.
Great (Sales) Expectations: Paying for Sales Performance
How can you make sure paying for performance drives the right (not the wrong) behaviors? Deloitte will share findings from their 215 Pay Practices survey and explore how leading companies are driving performance and amplifying the effectiveness of their employees.
Annual Compensation Planning: Making the Most of Your Data
Every year your organization is charged with making decisions on compensation plans and pay levels. To model cost forecasts, the Finance group is asking for data from your commission system. Learn a few simple techniques and suggestions to focus and accelerate your data processes and ensure optimal planning.
Incentive Compensation Management Product Advisory Council
NICE Systems
The NICE ICM offering continues to evolve to provide greater sales data transparency, analytics, modeling and forecasting, self-service and an overall enhanced performance. This is your chance to influence the NICE ICM product roadmap.

Enjoy an intimate look into NICE’s roadmap and vision, as well as a chance to hear from some industry experts. Business modernization is an essential requirement to transform your organization and enable you to create perfect experiences. Drivers for transformation span operational, service and business factors and as such projects of this magnitude may face major challenges in the areas of executive sponsorship, business justification, KPIs and measurements, project planning, organizational communication and more. This track will explore the key elements of a successful transformation approach and delve into our customers’ stories of successful transformation.

The Future of Customer Service
NICE Systems
Join this session to explore how some of the most prominent and disruptive market and technology trends like predictive analytics, context-rich systems, smart machines, cloud and more will influence your customer service organization and shape the way you engage and interact with your customers.
Portfolio Strategy and Roadmap
NICE Systems
Interactions is a unique opportunity to get insight into NICE's product roadmap. In this session we will share with you what's new and what's coming across our entire NICE portfolio. We will share with you our strategic investment themes and major product capabilities and highlights, which we will introduce to the market in the coming years.
From vision to transformation
Alliance Data, New Jersey Manufacturers
Take your business to the next level, accelerate value realization and go beyond implementation to actual business transformation. This panel of experts will share best in class methodologies and real life examples across industry verticals of true and effective business transformation projects.
Transformation case study - Aligning the WFM Practice to the Call Center Operations
TD Ameritrade
The workforce management practice must operate as a trusted advisor to their call center operations clients and business partners. To obtain this objective, NICE Advisory Consulting worked with TD Ameritrade to develop several projects and approaches that would move them along the WFM Development Continuum to align their internal best practices, introduce industry best practices and create meaning transformational change.

Deepen your knowledge of your deployed NICE technology and learn about the latest technology trends and methodologies from expert speakers. This track, which will also review how make an impact with new solution enhancements, is designed for IT professionals, CTOs, technology experts and system architects who are responsible for evaluating, deploying or managing contact center technologies, including NICE solutions.

From Insights to Action with Cross-Channel
Learn how NICE, utilizing the most powerful technologies of Big Data analytics, can help your organization extract actionable insights to improve your customer experience, to reduce customer churn, and to ultimately increase your revenue by reducing operational costs.
Utilize Passively Enrolled Voiceprints Across the Different Voice Channels
NICE Systems
The RT Authentication and Fraud Prevention solution streamlines and secures the authentication process for the contact center. Here you will learn how the NICE Cross Channel Authentication solution enables organizations to secure self-service channels utilizing Passively Enrolled voiceprints, improving security and the customers’ experience.
Driving Operational Efficiency Using Hybrid Cross-Channel Analytics and Machine Learning
NICE Systems
NICE’s patented, hybrid analytics technology combines speech-to-text and speech analytics engines with language models evolving over various communication channels. This state-of-the-art, self-adaptive, and machine-learning based technology enables your organization to maximize value from interactions over any channel, and empowers you to improve operational efficiency and achieve customer service goals.
Improving the Customer Experience, in Real-Time, using Predictive Analytics
NICE Systems
Self-service channels are part of your organizations standard CRM operations. Discover how NICE harnesses Big Data to drive decisions in real-time, leading to an increase in sales through websites, and delivering an immediate impact on the customer interaction.

Broaden your understanding of the core functionality of NICE IEX Workforce Management and NICE Performance Management solutions, as well as the relevant accompanying processes. These sessions are intended primarily for key users and individuals who administer and support the system. NICE’s knowledgeable experts as well as advanced users from the community will provide the tools and techniques to help you impact your own performance and get added value from your NICE solutions.

Essential Skills Management in WFM
NICE Systems
There are a number of complexities in the contact center management arena but none more challenging than determining the appropriate number of skills assigned to agents. We will discuss common issues experienced by users and focus on the best approach when determining the essential agent skill profiles, as well as the configuration impacts to outputs such as forecasts and schedules in NICE Workforce Management.
Flexibility: The WFM Road Less Traveled
NICE Systems
The latest updates to daily and weekly work rules make them more flexible than ever. If you ever wished that your start times could be flexible within a window of time, or that start time could be consistently applied to only specific days of the week, then this session is for you. Join us as we demonstrate the latest functionality to NICE Workforce Management Release 6.
Personnel Planner for NICE Workforce Management 6.4
NICE Systems
NICE Workforce Management R6.x brings new and exciting features, including ways to analyze long-term forecasts for various entities within your organization. You will learn how to make adjustments to the long-term forecasts, and immediately see how these changes affect the daily, weekly, or monthly staffing requirements. We will also cover how to convert the contacts received values and the AHT values from a long-term forecast to the active forecast.
NICE Workforce Management: What to Expect When Upgrading
NICE Systems
What are the key areas you need to cover when preparing to upgrade your Workforce Management solution to the latest 6.x release? Join to learn about preparation highlights and timeline.
From Snake Oil to Penicillin – The Evolution of Performance Management at Optum
Learn how Optum evolved in their approach to performance management and continues to push the envelope to deliver impact at the front lines for call and non-call groups.
Leveraging NICE to improve Client Overall Satisfaction Onshore and Offshore
SunTrust shares 5 key best practices in using NICE recording and coaching functionality to drive client satisfaction and successfully execute SunTrust’s Client Courtesy Policy.
New Scheduling Features in NICE Workforce Management 6.4
NICE Systems
NICE Workforce Management R6.x includes new scheduling features, including Shift Policies (sequencing & limits), Work Rule validations RCP and WebStation and New Schedule Trade Rules. In this session we will cover the latest and greatest.
Waste Management, DRIVE! Performance
Waste Management
Join this session and discover how Waste Management is using targeted coaching and performance management to deliver results and increase value and engagement in their Customer Experience organization. Learn tips, best practices and lessons learned along their journey to strengthen their culture of coaching.

Increase your familiarity with the core functionality of NICE Interaction Management recording solutions and NICE Real-Time Solutions (a.k.a. - RTI), as well as the relevant accompanying processes. These sessions are intended primarily for key users and individuals who administer and support the system. NICE’s knowledgeable experts as well as advanced users from the community will provide the tools and techniques to help you impact your own performance and get added value from your NICE solutions.

Tips and Tricks in Business Analyzer
NICE Systems
Business Analyzer is your main operational application in NICE Interaction Management, but how well do you REALLY know it? We will cover tips, tricks and best practices that will make your life easier and more efficient when handling interactions and evaluations.
The Interaction Center - The Brains of NICE Interaction Management
NICE Systems
What causes "Unmapped User"? How exactly are interactions tagged as "Basic Recording User"? How does the Interactions Center work with the main databases of NICE Interaction Management? In this session you will learn (almost) all you need to know about the Interactions Center and how it operates.
Tips and Best Practices for VMware Virtualization for NICE Interaction Management
NICE Systems
Learn how NICE Interaction Management components can reside on Virtual Servers to reduce your total cost of ownership. This session will cover the VMware configuration required and other relevant VMware features.
Profiles, Profiles, Profiles: Best Practices in Permissions Management
NICE Systems
NICE Interaction Management has a robust and flexible mechanism for managing user permissions, to ensure that each user can only view and access the options and data they should. Learn from our experts some best practices in managing Profiles and Privileges to implement your security policy and business needs.
Centralized SIP Recording - Myths and Realities
NICE Systems
Centralized SIP recording can lower TCO significantly but in which cases and how should enterprises implement it successfully? In this session, we will present the myths and realities of SIP recording to give you the right tools and guidelines for a successful SIP recording implementation.
Increase your IT/Admin Efficiency with NICE Engage
NICE Systems
With NICE Engage, the life of administrators and IT staff becomes easier, with more powerful capabilities to set up and maintain the recording platform. We will demonstrate on a live system how routine tasks become a breeze!
Real-Time Guidance - Can Every Agent Become a Super Agent?
NICE Systems
Regulatory Compliance and adherence to internal policies and procedures is a strategic and vital issue, beneficial to your company's bottom line. In this session you will learn how your organization can use NICE Real-Time solutions to guide its agents through an ocean of regulations and complex processes.
Turning Frowns Upside Down
Customers today expect both a convenient way to register an issue, as well as a speedy resolution. But silos among channels and products within an enterprise represent a huge barrier. Hence, enterprises need to adopt a cross-channel complaints management approach. A well-executed complaints program can drive business value through deeper relationships and improved retention. Learn how to jump start your program through the use of complaints management analytics connected to your customer experience program.

Better understand the core functionality of NICE Quality Optimization and NICE Interaction Analytics solutions, as well as the relevant accompanying processes. These sessions are intended primarily for key users and individuals who administer and support the system. NICE’s knowledgeable experts as well as advanced users from the community will provide the tools and techniques to help you impact your own performance and get added value from your NICE solutions.

Business Driven Quality Management and Analytics-Based/Tagging-Based Quality Optimization
NICE Systems
Let us guide you in a step-by-step get started approach to business Driven Quality Management. We'll review process basics and NICE Interaction Management components, as well as Analytics-based and Tagging based enhancement.
Best Practices in Managing Your Analytics Lexicons
NICE Systems
A critical phase in designing and implementing an optimized Interaction Analytics solution is building a good lexicon of words and phrases, to support your business goals. Get tips, tricks and best practices from our experts on how to create the perfect lexicon.
Getting the Right Score Formula for Your QM Form
NICE Systems
Ever struggled to make your evaluation form just the way you want it? Got unique and complicated score calculation requirements? In this session you will learn tips and tricks on how to customize score formulas to get it right!
Optimization to WIIFM: From a Swing and a Miss to a Perfect Game
WPS Health Insurance, US Bank
Using baseball metaphors, our panelists will demonstrate how they involve the business in ideation, process configuration and roll out, focusing on simplification, root cause reporting/dashboards and measuring business success. Features include: designing a core system to support all business needs, overcoming Supervisor malaise, and creating Back Office QA.
Using Calibrations to Enhance Your QM Processes
NICE Systems
With quality management processes often focused on evaluations, QM managers sometimes overlook the powerful capability of calibrations in NICE Quality Management. In this session you will learn how calibrations work and how they can make your QM process more objective, better and complete.
Quality Planner Tips and Tricks
NICE Systems
The Quality Planner is at the heart of your QM process with NICE Quality Optimization. In this session we will share implementation best practices, potential pitfalls to avoid, and how to work around challenges.
My Universe - Your Window to NICE
NICE Systems
My Universe is the dashboard of NICE Interaction Management and is most powerful when accessed by all user roles, presenting the data relevant to each. In this session you will learn best practices in creating custom views for agents, supervisors, managers and analysts.
Measure Your Metrics - Getting Started with KPIs in NICE Quality Optimization
NICE Systems
The KPI management application in NICE Quality Optimization allows you to measure your key performance indicators, set targets for your organization, units, teams and individuals, and drill down to investigate those that fail to meet targets and those that exceed them. Learn how to get started with measuring your performance.

This track will provide information on topics important to you as a contact center professional and as users of NICE solutions. Experts will share best practices for leveraging opportunities from new platforms and technologies, as well as joint solutions from NICE and our partners.

Love NUG! Put the NICE User Group to Work for You
NUG Board of Directors
It’s a whole new ballgame in the NICE User Community - with more sharing, collaboration and networking than ever. Attend this session to learn how to maximize your involvement both online and in person. Learn how you, as a NUG member, can influence NICE’s product roadmap by adding and voting on ideas. NUG board members will discuss the value of NUG, chapter involvement, member searching, jobs sharing, gamification and more.
Top Trends & Best Practices in Workforce Optimization
Join us in this highly interactive session highlighting the leading trends and best practices in contact center operations. Hear survey results from the Society of Workforce Planning Professionals (SWPP) and the Quality Assurance & Training Connection (QATC) in the areas of workforce management, quality, coaching, employee and customer surveying, and training. And you will have the opportunity to share your very own trends and experiences, too!
Operations Support Services: A Proactive Approach to Support
NICE Systems
All of our offerings for NOC, Sentinel Consulting and Proactive care. We’ll share case studies, a customer presentation and benefits of engaging NICE in monitoring the NICE solution!
Winning with Omnichannel
In this session, we will introduce you to Cisco's contact center marketplace position, portfolio, and differentiated capabilities. We will then do an overview of Cisco's unique approach of Network Based Recording and our partnership with NICE.
Talk Tekkie to Me
Nationwide, Stericycle Communication Solutions, American Express
Calling all tekkies! Bring your most interesting technical challenges and experiences to share in this open forum moderated by NUG board members Chad Turner of Stericycle Communication Solutions and Aaron Arsenault of Nationwide.
To the Cloud and Beyond – Five9 Cloud Solutions for your Contact Center – Powered by NICE
NICE Systems
Five9, a leading provider of cloud contact center software, transforms contact centers into customer engagement centers of excellence. Five9 Workforce Optimization solutions, powered by NICE , deliver a comprehensive set of tools that enable supervisors and contact center managers to increase operational efficiency and improve agent productivity. By using these solutions, organizations benefit from end-to-end management of their QM processes in the cloud.
Six Sigma: Is it the Right Business Process Methodology for You?
Optum, eBay Enterprise
Six Sigma is a set of techniques and tools for process improvement, developed by Motorola in 1986. It grew in popularity at General Electric in the 90s, and is now used in many industrial sectors. Attend this session to learn how Optum and eBay Enterprise rely on these standards in their operations.
Delivering Consistent Performance and High Availability for Enterprise Applications
Learn how to leverage clustered data OnTap to obtain consistent performance and high availability for business critical applications and databases. This session discusses how to easily deploy and configure clustered data OnTap in your environment. You will also discover best practices with various clustered data OnTap SAN features that are highly valued in these environments. At the end of this session you will understand:
- Best practices for deploying clustered data OnTap for SAN environment.
- Clustered data OnTap SAN features for enterprise applications and databases.
- Configuring clustered data OnTap SAN for enterprise applications and databases.

Learn from our experts about the various NICE solutions during the Interactions 2015 Post-conference day, hosted by NICE Education Services. Choose from more than a dozen workshops which feature hands-on training and demos on live systems and the sharing of best practices. To view the Post-conference sessions, click here.
  • AAA Oregon/Idaho
  • American Airlines
  • Blue Cross of Idaho
  • Convergys
  • eBay Enterprise
  • Money Management International (MMI)
  • Optum
  • PSEG Long Island
  • Society of Workforce Planning Professionals (SWPP)
  • SunTrust Banks, Inc.
  • WPS Health Insurance