Early Morning sessions (8:30am – 10:15am)

Interaction Analytics 101 New to NICE Interaction Analytics? The Insight Manager application allows you to automate interaction categorization by analyzing structured and unstructured data to reflect your organization's specific business needs. Join us to get off to a quick start on understanding how this key application makes it all happen.
Under The Hood: NICE and SIPREC (Acme Packet SBC) VoIP Integration Find out how NICE Interaction Management integrates into your SIPREC (Acme Packet SBC) active VoIP environment, including architecture, components, data flows and channel mapping.
Getting Started With Performance Coaching Enhance your NICE Performance Management Coaching practices with a five-stage process for assessing your current practices, increasing organizational focus on coaching activity, and improving the effectiveness of coaching sessions delivered to the front-line. Learn how to use both online and in-person assessment and intervention techniques to improve this critical process in 2015.
Form Designer Workshop 101 New to Form Designer? This hands-on workshop will teach you the fundamentals of creating forms in the NICE Quality Optimization solution. If you need to get started with developing quality forms, join us at this workshop to get all the knowledge you need! Hands-on seats are limited, so show up early.
Creating a HIGH IMPACT Quality Program with NICE Quality Optimization Learn about contact centers practices for ensuring that their quality programs have a direct and measurable impact on business performance. Gain first-hand experience with the latest NICE Quality Optimization capabilities that are enabling organizations to drive impactful quality programs via root-cause quality monitoring and KPI gauges containing essential indicators of program success.
Under The Hood: Desktop Tagging and Desktop Triggering Find out how NICE Interaction Management and Real Time Solutions integrate in the Desktop Tagging (Data extraction and call tagging) and Desktop Triggering (privacy control and recording automation) solutions. This session will deep dive into the solutions' architecture, components, data flows and operation.
WebStation Suite from A to Z Take a whirlwind tour of the many tools available in Agent and Supervisor WebStation, which promote self-serve environments and a win-win culture for all. We will discuss the efficiencies gained by automation of schedule preferences and trades, time-off requests, dissemination of information to agents, and the request/approval process for schedule changes.
Workforce Management Fundamentals Whether you’re new to workforce management or new to an established team, it’s easy to sometimes feel adrift in a sea of abbreviations, acronyms and business shorthand. Learn the fundamental processes and concepts essential for success in the enterprise’s most dynamic department. This session is the perfect primer for all users’ core skills.
Automating Schedule Changes Lists, lists, lists! Do you have them for overtime, undertime, out of adherence adjustments, call-outs and tardies? Learn how NICE IEX Workforce Management version 6 can help you work smarter with Schedule Change Policies and Time Board configured to automate your company’s guidelines. Experience the power of this time saving feature which defines policies to automatically process and approve or deny schedule change requests based on key factors such as net staffing levels.
The New Added Value of Education Services In this open discussion, we will share how NICE training and consulting experts help organizations structure the right educational plans to match your needs. We will introduce the right blend of proven courses and services with new technology and the right approach: remote delivery, customized content, refreshers, business configuration and more!
Developing a Governance Process Learn from our strategic consultants how to plan for, develop, scope, and implement a Governance Process for your NICE advanced solutions. This end-to-end workshop will share tools as well as tips and tricks for process efficiency and stakeholder management.
Beat the Experts on NICE Incentive Compensation Management Our panel of product and delivery experts will share NICE ICM tips, tricks and best practices for real-world challenges, and offer helpful suggestions to assist you with your implementation needs. You can also learn tips, tricks and best practices from other users so bring your questions – we’re ready!

Late Morning sessions (10:30am – 12:15pm)

Interaction Analytics 201 Your NICE Interaction Analytics categories are all set up and running, so now what? Learn how to extract insight from results, create advanced analytics queries in the Business Analyzer and ClearSight to discover just the right interactions, define analytics-based quality plans to enhance you quality process, and effectively use analytics dashboards.
Understanding NICE Interaction Management’s High Availability Solutions NICE Interaction Management’s high availability solutions can help your organization comply with the latest regulations. We will discuss architecture, components and data flows. You will also learn about the differences between local and multi-site clusters, as well as organizational requirements to successfully implement such solutions.
A Manager’s Guide To Coaching The Coach In leading organizations, the second line manager plays a critical role in transforming coaching activity into effectiveness and impact. Learn management best practices for driving coaching success, including coaching segmentation, root cause analysis, appreciate inquiry, and transforming observations through a powerful before, during, and after approach.
NICE Reporter Workshop Want to get more out of your reports? This hands-on workshop will teach you about the most commonly used reports in NICE Quality Optimization and NICE Interaction Analytics. Our experts will help you identify the best templates for your business needs. Hands-on seats are limited, so show up early.
The Business Impact of User Administration Business users of Quality Management and Interaction Analytics? This session is for you! Learn why group hierarchies in NICE Interaction Management are at the core of your business processes and have a crucial impact on your NICE solution. NICE experts will share best practices in designing profiles that are tailor-made for your business needs.
Beat the Experts on NICE Real-Time Solutions Our panel of product experts and Education Specialists will share NICE Real-Time solutions’ tips, tricks and best practices for real-world challenges, and offer helpful suggestions to assist you with your implementation needs. You can also learn from other users so bring your questions – we’re ready!
Schedule Bidding from A to Z Attend this session to see a demonstration of using patterns to analyze what-if-scenarios, create schedules for new hire classes, create at home agent schedules, and much more. This demonstration is being conducted using NICE IEX WFM 6.4, and will show functionality appropriate for all users.
Fine Tune your Forecast Seasonality, week of month, extreme values - what should be enabled for your contact center? Does the key to better accuracy lie in historical weightings? This hands-on session will guide you through the forecasting defaults and their impact on the final product. Improve forecasting accuracy without adding a soothsayer to the team!
Time Off Manager from A to Z See a fast paced demonstration of the latest Time Off Manager functionality to NICE Workforce Management Release 6. This session provides a great refresher on the overall vacation administration and selection process. The NICE Supervisor and Agent WebStation Time Off Manager module will also be demonstrated.
Business Readiness - Communication & Successfully Managing Change Planning a change? Thinking of adding a solution? Need to upgrade? Want to increase adoption with our solutions? This offers a valuable primer for business readiness with a panel of our experts and opportunity to learn how to communicate change throughout the business.
Get Control with NICE Sentinel You will explore, in depth, the various dashboards and reports available in the latest version of NICE Sentinel. You will also learn how to tailor alarms and notifications to your business needs by configuring thresholds, email alerts and more.
NICE Incentive Compensation Management Reporting and Analytics Workshop Looking to get more out of your incentive reporting? This hands-on workshop will teach you about the most commonly used reporting functions in NICE ICM. Our experts will help you identify the best report templates and roll out reports, as well as analytics for your specific business needs.

Afternoon sessions (1:15pm – 3pm)

Beat the Experts on Interaction Analytics Our panel of NICE Interaction Analytics experts and Business Consultants will address some of your challenges when using NICE Interaction Analytics. Learn from other users and bring your questions.
Daily Routines for NICE Interaction Management Health Check We will review key daily site administration activities to ensure the smooth operation of NICE Interaction Management’s main functionalities, including voice and screen recording, archiving and database health.
Service Performance Management 101 Enjoy an overview of performance management concepts and an introduction to how these concepts are realized through the capabilities of NICE Performance Management. Learn to assess the current state of performance management in your organization and identify immediate next steps you can take to implement proven best practices – for service, sales, or back office support.
Best Practices for Designing QM Forms You will learn hands-on advanced form creation techniques in the NICE Quality Optimization solution, as well as best practices in form creation and how well-designed forms pave your way to meaningful reports and insights. To get beyond the basics and push the envelope, join us and become an expert! Hands-on seats are limited, so show up early.
Beat the Experts on Quality Management Our panel of Quality Management experts, Business Consultants and Education Specialists, will discuss quality management challenges and offer helpful suggestions to assist you with solving pressing issues. You can also learn from other users so bring your questions – we’re ready!
RTS Connectivity & Integrations Toolkit Learn about the different integration and connectivity options, as well as new, useful ways to monitor your existing solutions
Preparing to Use SmartSync With SmartSync, NICE Workforce Management solution can synchronize data with other systems. We will cover pre-defined import and export files - what they offer and how to initiate them.
Interpreting Intraday Results The intraday view can be daunting to the uninitiated and sometimes knowing the definition of a column just isn’t enough. Data abounds and decisions must be made quickly. Focusing on interpretation rather than detailed data definition, this session will steer you thru the volume of data to make intelligent, impactful decisions.
Workforce Management - Build a Center Take an A-to-Z hands-on tour of NICE IEX Workforce Management version 6. You’ll follow a scripted contact center profile to define entities, forecasting parameters, scheduling parameters and more – from the basics to advanced features.
Accelerating Values Realization Our expert business consultants will walk you through key steps in accelerating the realization of value from your advanced solutions. Learn to optimize the results of your NICE solutions to show value, project prioritization, assess cost-benefit analysis, and track progress over time. We have tools and concepts to share so bring your A game!
Optimizing Agent Coaching with NICE Quality Optimization The coaching capabilities within NICE Quality Optimization allow you to automate many aspects of this process. You will get tips and best practices on how to effectively use Coaching and Action Packages.
Effectively Administering NICE Incentive Compensation Management We’ll review key daily system administration activities to ensure the smooth operation of NICE ICM’s main functionalities. These include auditing, system functions, operational functions, system health, performance monitoring, as well as rolling out new incentive content items to payees via the ICM Portal.
Getting Started with Predictive Customer Analytics Join NICE’s Data Science experts for an introduction to Predictive Analytics. Learn how to thinking about structuring data for predictive analysis, and work through real-world use cases showcasing some of the powerful capabilities of NICE’s Customer Engagement Analytics solutions.
*NICE may change sessions without notice
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